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too hot for ugly people too ugly for hot people

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“I think it is right that I should make decisions about my own body. I think it is right that women be involved on my behalf in the policies and decisions that affect my life. I think it is right that socially, I am afforded the same respect as men."
"Our hearts beat so loud the neighbours think we’re fucking when I’m just trying to find the nerve to touch your face." - Andrea Gibson, Pansies (via larmoyante)
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  • drive thru guy:bye have a nice day
  • me:bye i love you
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"It’s funny, when I think about this exact time last year. Things were so different. I never would have thought that things could change so much in only a year. I wonder what next October will be like." - (via wtftayl0r)


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Cuddle weather? Fuck that. It’s hickey season. You can hide anything behind a large scarf.

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teen quotes, following everyone back

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